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Colton Spicher

Website Builder

For your business, passion,

or whatever your website needs.

How It Works



Website Options

I am almost always available during the school year, however, it is likely websites will not be created quite as fast as during the summer, when I am always available for building websites.

Sell your products online and accept payments

Cost: $275-$600 per year

E-commerce websites:


Central Montana. I can work with you other than in person, but I prefer face-to-face contact when designing websites.

Non E-commerce websites:

All other websites for businesses, clubs, or anything else!

Cost: $150-$450 per year


What Happy

Clients are Saying

"We used Colton Spicher to do our e-commerce web-site ( He is knowledgeable and understood many of our needs before we did. While an e-commerce site seemed a daunting task, He made it a fun and easily understood process. We highly recommend him for building your web-site!"

- Ted Hauser, Hauser Knife

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