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  • When can I expect my website to be done?
    Every business and website need is unique. There is no definite way to know ahead of time when each website will be done. I reccommend contacting me a few months before your website needs to be finished. If you have no deadline, your priority will be after those who need their websites done in a timely fasion. A rough estimate on when a website will be done is 3-6 weeks. However, it depends on my schedule and how busy I am. Once you contact me, I can give you a better idea how long your website will take to complete.
  • How much will your services cost?
    Like many things, this is very individual to each website. As a general idea, E-commerce sites (or sites that sell things online) will cost more than a website that does not require connecting payment methods. Separate from my service costs, if you desire an individual domain name (the web address), Wix requires you upgrade to a premium plan in order to attach said domain. Depending on your needs, this can cost from $170-$350 a year. After a year with your domain, you must continue to pay $14 a year to Wix to maintain your domain. For my services, I will require an immediate fee dependent on your website needs to create the website. Following this, a monthly fee will be charged by me for support and maintenance on your website.
  • How much do you need from me?
    I will require quite a few things, but most importantly your time and patience. Websites are not easy to create, even with a general idea or template of what you want. If you need an E-commerce website, you will need to provide me with information on shipping, credit card information, and banking account/routing numbers in order for you to recieve payment from your customers. If you do not require an E-commerce website, I will need much less from you. I will need your credit card information for Wix premium plans and domain payments. If I cannot work with you in person, I will require a phone number to conference with you when you are available. Ultimately, this is your website and not mine, so I need to be able to make all neccessary adjustments and payments to fit your needs and your preferences.
  • What is a domain? Why do I need one?
    A domain refers to the address you see in your web address bar when you are on a website. For example, if you are on the website for Wal-Mart, in your address bar you will see This is Wal-Mart's domain name, which is specific to their website, and no one else can use it. A domain for you means easy access and simplicity for you and your site users. The default domain name that wix gives you for free is http://(your username) site name). This requires a lot of typing and can cause confusion for your visitors, which is why I suggest getting a domain name like http://(your business).com, so your visitors can easily find your website.

All you need to know before you work with me

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